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      Beijing Daoxiangcun

      2022-04-08 14:31:56   來源:中國商務新聞網   作者:



      The history of Beijing Daoxiangcun began when Guo Yusheng, a native of Jinling, settled in Qianmen Guanyin Temple in the 21st year of The Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. Liu Zhenying, the old shopkeeper, took on the responsibility and resumed the business in Hutong in 1983, and Bi Guocai, the current leader of Beijing Daoxiangcun, carried on the past experience and ushered in a new era of development. Over the past 120 years, the pastry products presented to consumers by Beijing Daoxiangcun have been passed down from generation to generation, and maintain high-quality.


      Sticking to the roots


      As one of the time-honored brands, the culture of Beijing Daoxiangcun inherited for years has something worth developing. As Mr. Bi Guocai said, “While innovating, we must not lose the essence of this time-honored brand or change its core.”


      “Good reputation, good taste, good quality” is the best brand charm of Beijing Daoxiangcun. “Generous materials, strict standards” is also one of the “formula” for which many consumers love its products. “Product quality is like personality”. Meticulous selection of materials and unique technology are the premise of making products popular.


      Seasonal production requires seasonal ingredients. Every year, Beijing Daoxiangcun sends a professional team to various parts of the country to select high-quality ingredients, such as walnut kernel from Fenyang in Shanxi, red beans from northeast China, masson pine nut from Heilongjiang, red dates from Ruoqiang in Xinjiang, glutinous rice from Wuchang in Heilongjiang, lotus seeds from Hunan, osmanthus flowers from Suzhou, etc.


      Beijing Daoxiangcun has launched the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” series of Beijing-style moon cakes, including a variety of flavors of “Furry” mooncakes, such as yogurt flavor and five-nut flavor. It is said that “Furry” moon cakes originated from the court and were deeply loved by Empress Dowager Cixi. Even the name was given by her. It’s called “furry” because the outer skin made by the ancient manufacturing technology is thin and dense. When the moon cake is placed on the table after it is baked, and the table is gently patted, the outer white pastry will float up like snow-white goose feather.


      In addition, Beijing Daoxiangcun also incorporates a lot of folk culture in the design of gift boxes. Many elements are based on representative symbols of Beijing, which not only integrates the festive atmosphere of happiness and reunion, but also combines distinctive folk customs. For example, when the “Mid-Autumn Festival with Beijing style” gift box, whose design elements include Beijing landmark buildings, is opened, it seems like a beautiful Beijing Autumn picture scroll unfolding slowly.


      Development and innovation


      As a century-old brand, innovation is not only the internal driving force for its vigorous development, but also the inevitable requirement for the old brand to radiate new vitality.


      The modern consumer market has seen a surge of “guochao”, i.e. domestic brands and products that incorporate Chinese traditional style and culture, demonstrating young consumers’ growing love for Chinese culture. In such an era when Chinese culture revives, Beijing Daoxiangcun, a time-honored Chinese enterprise, shoulders the responsibility of inheriting and developing traditional Chinese culture. It embraces and explores the Traditional Chinese food culture, constantly combining itself with the culture.


      As early as 2017, Beijing Daoxiangcun conducted its first cross-border IP cooperation. The first brand he cooperated with was “Palace Museum” Taobao store, with which it jointly launched cake gift boxes with the innovative imperial style named“Jihaode (very good) · Dim sum”, “Five Venom Pancakes”, etc. With the style elements of products and gift boxes taken from the Palace Museum culture, it is called “the most stylish pastry” and “the most cultural dim sum” by netizens.


      Beijing Daoxiangcun has never stopped on the road of cross-border innovation: in 2020, it specially developed a snack “Rat cake” for the Chinese zodiac sign, taking the lead in using the latest color spraying technology to print cute little mouse images on the cake surface. It jointly launched “I Love my Motherland”, “People’s Years” and other patriotism-themed gift boxes with People’s Creative, a cultural innovation brand sponsored by People’s Daily media group. It has also launched moon cake gift boxes in cooperation with “National Treasure”, a program featuring profound cultural accumulation.


      The innovative operation of “one branch, one business strategy” in Beijing Daoxiancun is worth mentioning. In the past two years, it has launched “Nancheng Life Store”, “Dongcheng Food Fashion Store”, “Xidan food store”, “factory store”, “No.0 store” and so on.


      Taking No.0 store as an example, Beijing Daoxiangcun re-opened this new store in the original site. The store integrates folk customs, food, culture, urban memory, etc., presenting a collision between old and new tastes, at the same time inheriting and carrying forward traditional Chinese food. There are not only baked cakes, but also characteristic Beijing tea drinks. Inside the shop, the bright glass allows you to watch chefs make pastries in the operating room while you are experiencing the best taste of freshly baked pastries. Since the opening of Beijing Daoxiangcun No.0 store in August 2021, customers have been enthusiastic in buying food in the store. From 8 a.m. when the store is not yet open, there are lines of customers in front of the store until 9 p.m. when it closes.


      Beijing Daoxiangcun has been inheriting and promoting classic elements as it restores traditional food culture, upgrades the products, and cooperates with the “Palace Museum” Taobao shop, the culture and archeology program “National Treasure”, and cultural innovative brand “People’s Creativity”. It’s the century-old technology, excellent products, and meticulous business management of Beijing Daoxiangcun that have won it the honor of a Chinese time-honored brand and great popularity with consumers.


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